Meissen flowers

I'll be in Boston for a few days, but one last post before I go. This is probably my most valuable piece of china - a Meissen handpainted teacup with some beautiful spring flowers. The photo doesn't do it justice - the shape of the porcelain is really beautiful and delicately curved like a flower itself. The painted flowers are exquisite and you can read every little petal and brushstroke; Each one is different! It's really a work of art :-)trademarks over the years
Meissen porcelain was perfected in 1708 and was the first 'hard-paste' porcelain factory in Europe. The factory is outside of Dresden in a small town called Meissen. In 1710 the factory opened for business and attracted some of the most talented artists from around Europe and sold to the aristocracy all over the world. Meissen was the first company to use a trademark to protect their designs -their logo is of 2 crossed swords. And so ends your history lesson for the day :-)

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