Chicago Botanic Garden

Another spot in Chicago which I visited was the Chicago Botanic Garden, an amazingly HUGE and gorgeous set of different gardens a little outside of the city. My favorite part of the garden was the walled English garden. I've always wanted a little secret garden and the entrance to this one was just about perfect! Love that perfect shade of blue on the gate.
The garden was dedicated by Princess Margaret. I wonder what she thought about Chicago when she visited; I would love to hear as I'm sure it's entertaining!
This unusual folly was created in 1992 by Simon Verity as one of the focal points of the English garden. The different elements of the sculpture are meant to represent earth, air, fire and water. I'm not sure about all of that but I love the classical beauty of it!
I loved this central urn on a pedastal. Why do elements like this make a garden so much more appealing to me? Ahhh yes - they add architectural interest!!
The garden was so varied that the urn looked completely different from each angle.
I visited on what turned out to be the most perfect Fall afternoon and experienced the most beautiful light. I think the photo above reflects that.
I can't remember what this plant was, but it looked a bit like an olive tree, really beautiful! All of the plants are of course labeled but I was so happy snapping pictures (all with my phone) that I sadly don't remember what anything is!
The other side of the walled garden overlooks a lake with 2 pavilions at either end.One pavilion is open as a seating area. This would be a great place for a picnic!The other is closed, I assume for garden tool storage. Again, there was that perfect blue.
Outside of the walled garden was this allee of trees with gravel path. I always feel that gravel paths are the most gardeny, forget asphalt or even bricks!
All of the plants were really stunning and you could tell it was thoughtfully planned so something was in bloom every season of the year.
In the center of one lake was 'Evening Island' with a carillon bell. Loved hearing this when it went off!
The Japanese garden was also on a seperate island, but it was much prettier from across the lake.
Behind the walled garden was a beautiful waterfall garden that fed into the lake seen above.
Can my own secret garden have a waterfall too, please?
And what would any collection of gardens be without a rose garden.
I felt the roses were contrasted beautifully by the hardness of "Composition in stainless steel #1" by Gidon Graetz, 1985.
This garden proved that roses can be in bloom during nearly every season of the year.
I would highly recommend a visit to the Chicago Botanic gardens, especially on a beautiful day!

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