Chinese wallpaper at the Baths at Badenburg, Nymphenburg Park.

Whilst on his travels my Australian penpal stopped at Nymphenburg where the park is full of fascinating follies. Built in 1722 by Joseph Effner the Baths (or sauana) was the focal point of the park.
I love that the building is set in a lawn of daisies. I hate the American preference for pristine green lawns; give me wildflowers!
 The main room right when you enter is the banqueting hall.
The ceiling frescoes were badly damaged by the bombing of Nymphenburg during WWII but have been recently restored.
 I love these mirrored niches mirroring the transoms over the french doors. Both transoms and niches hold a collection of busts.
 The baths are shockingly opulent. The balcony above was for people to observe those in the pool below.
The most amazing part of this pavilion though are the original but recently restored hand-painted Chinese wallpaper in the 4 rooms of the "Elector's apartment".
 This room featured beautiful pink tea-stained and emerald green birds and flowers.
Another room features a more scenic Chinese wallpaper.
 The details are fascinating.
 The colors also are amazingly vivid.
 The houses in this wallpaper are the main attraction.
The park is full of beautiful follies and looks like a great place to spend a day.  Thanks to my penpal for sharing his travels with us all!

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