Chinoiserie Pagodenburg, a royal tea house

Thanks to my Australian penpal today I bring you another folly from the Schloss Nymphenburg park in Munich, the Pagodenburg (click on the link for an amazing 3d tour of the building and the pretty view it faces).
Designed by Jospeh Effner and finished in 1719 as a royal teahouse in the gardens of the palace, the rococo exterior gives way to an exotic Chinoiserie interior.
The lower level of the octagonal building is lined with over 2,000 delft tiles with a ceiling mural in the same blue & white color scheme.
The tracery moulding framing the tiles would have been originally gilded as in other areas of the room. Above you see it during restoration in white which I think I personally prefer. Remember though that  'more is more' in the rococo language!
Upstairs the plan is split into two rooms.  One has fantastic wallpaper, an inlaid floor, and gilded wall decorations and ceiling.
 The little emerald green silk covered bed looks like a perfect spot for a post-lunch nap.
 The niche's painted silk wallpaper is intense and dramatic.
The other half of the 2nd floor contains an ebony and red lacquered room with the same parquet floor. Just imagine what a cute little house this would make!  Read more about the Nymphenburg palace and gardens on wikipedia HERE.

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