La Quinta Resort - Hollywood Haven

While in Palm Springs I spent a few days outside of the 'city' at a newly renovated resort from the golden age of Hollywood, La Quinta.
Built in 1926 it was said to be as far from Hollywood as an actor in the studio system could travel while on call. And they did come; Garbo was a regular as was Gable.
Frank Capra spent many summers at the resort with his wife, writing scripts for many of his award winning movies including It happened one night (one of my favorites), Mr. Smith goes to Washington, and It's a Wonderful Life (which I can't stand).
While the Hollywood history is interesting, one comes for the weather and mountain views.
The rooms are all individual casitas interwoven through beautiful gardens and interesting public spaces.
41 swimming pools and 53 hot tubs make sure that everyone gets their own personal space with mountain views and plenty of sunshine.
I loved this pergola with climbing roses right outside of my casita. I'll have to go back to see it in full bloom!
Even though roses weren't in season, there were still plenty of fragrant hangers on to admire.
Beautiful architecture, luxurious gardens, swimming pools, and Palm Springs weather; the La Quinta Resort is wintertime heaven on earth to this weary Washingtonian!

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