Palm Springs from the air

I have to admit something; I'm a very nervous flyer. I think I hide it relatively well but until my feet are back on the ground I fret and worry.
However that said, I could stare outside of a plane window all day long and be happy. I love the view of the clouds, farms, and cities below:  God's art.
 Imagine that just 100 years ago views such as this were unthinkable. It makes the flying worthwhile.
Palm Springs is an arid /desert climate nestled against the beautiful Santa Rosa- San Jacinto Mountains. In the winter the weather is PERFECTION; mid 70s and sunny during the day and cool for sleeping or hot-tubbing at night.
Thanks to technology parts of the city are an oasis of lushness, despite worries that this kind of water usage can't last for long as the area expands into the desert.
Nothing beats the winter-time blues like a trip to the warm, sunny south.

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